[Theory] Shingeki No Kyojin plot takes place after French Revolution (SPOILERS)


After the release of chapter 85, we could finally see what’s in Grisha’s basement. The revelation has spreaded a lot of theories about the Shingeki No Kyojin universe, and after tying up some loose ends, I think I can apport something to this awesome fanbase I’m glad to know -at least in part for the SnK wiki. There will be spoilers, of course, so don’t read this if you want to avoid them.

Also, I want to apologize with my regular readers for not writing in Spanish. I’d like to reach a bigger public, and the best way to do it is to write in the most common language. I also want to apologize with the potential English readers for the possible grammar mistakes -English is not my mother tongue.

We know people behind the walls were pushed by the titan’s advance, so they had no option but to establish there. But throughout the events of the story we knew that there is still people living beyond the walls, and with the relevation of chapter 85, we know they’re not precisely a little tribe or clan, as some have speculated: they live a comfortable, luxury life. How is this possible? After sitting and thinking about it some minutes after finishing my lecture, I can only think in one answer: capitalism.

Yeah, capitalism. Think about this: as we could read during the Uprising Arc, the Reiss family was not only a noble family, but the legitimate royalty that governed the world a lot of years before the events. According to Rod Reiss, the first Reiss king was a Titan Shifter and the builder of the walls. It was said that he had the Coordinate (the Alpha Titan power) which he controlled the titans to build them -let us remember that, at the end of the Female Titan Arc, we knew that the walls are made up with hardened titans. Rod also said that the first king’s dream was to use this power and the titans to create a better world for everyone. But let’s be serious: you wouldn’t be calm if you knew Obama protects you by using zombified giants, would you? So the people that lived during the reign of the first king.

Frida Reiss the last Reiss titan shifter, killed and devoured by Grisha.

This could have created a civil revolution against the Crown, which of course started with the royalty’s advantage thanks to their titan powers -I theorize that not only the king was a shifter, but all the family. Now, if they were that powerful, how could they be defeated in a time there was not Vertical Maneuvering Equipments as they were created some years after the human’s confinement? (as told in Attack on Titan: Before The Fall). Well, with others Titan Shifters. I know there hasn’t been explained how the first Titan Shifter were born, because the only way we know they are created is when a regular titan devour a shifter one. Let’s not get involved too much in shifters’ origins, because that’s another theory handled by other fans (but that it could easily corroborate mine), but what they theorize is that they are created with a serum, too. Or maybe a regular titan could devour a Reiss member and after recovering his/her humanity he decided to join forces to people.

But of course, a war is not won with passion; you need as well resources, inteligence, espionage, contacts. Who could give all of this? The middle-class during most reigns in Europe: the bourgeoise. A social group that was during a lot of time subdued by high taxes for financing the Church and the Crown. They, of course, have a reason to finance a war against them -and probably initiate it.

After a long and painful war, the bourgeoise could finally push the Church, the Crown and their followers to their final fortress: the walls created by the first king. So, the bourgeoise won and could finally rule over the world. And meanwhile the people behind the walls live in a stucked-in-time society, the people beyond them lives, in words of Grisha Jaeger, «full of luxuries». and as implied by the complexity the idea of a photography is, in a modernized one -in comparision with the Middle-Age-themed one.

In other words: Renaissance, reigns’ fall in Europe, technologic advance, Revolution. French Revolution.

«Generic French painting»

So, if they could beat the reigns, why do they insist in attacking them 100 years before the war? Well, you know some people never forget past. Maybe a social movement to totally erradicate any kind of trace of a shameful life controlled by religion and kings, in comparision with their liberalism and republic goverment.

Please leave your opinion in the comments. I appreciate any kind of contribution to this theory.


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